Our Services

ECS offers all sorts of cleaning services in Edmonton and Sherwood Park area. We’ve professional staff, specialized equipment, latest technology, and special formula detergents which make us one of the most efficient and reliable cleaning company in Edmonton. Our cleaning services include:

  • Carpet Cleaning;
  • Construction Cleaning;
  • Building Cleaning;
  • Residential Cleaning;
  • Office and Commercial Cleaning;
  • Maid Services;
  • Janitorial Services;
  • Move in Move out Cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning:
Carpet requires extreme care and it shall be handled delicately due to its nature. Carpet life depends on how you take care of it and how it is being cleaned and treated. Due to the nature of the carpets, it can also become a cause of some bacterial or hidden infections which can cause to the habitants of the place. Treating a carpet yourself would never be recommended as it requires special detergents and a cleaning system meant for its requirements.

Executive cleaning has professional team and equipment for carpet cleaning Edmonton and Sherwood Park and provide all sorts of carpet cleaning and carpet care services.

Construction Cleaning Edmonton

After construction, the place needs to be cleaned by the construction waste materials. That cannot be done by a layman and special equipment and tools are required to do the job. We will provide you with the services of construction cleaning Edmonton and Sherwood Park with our cleaning tools and you can enjoy the neat and tidy look after a home addition/renovation or construction process.

Building Cleaning Edmonton

We offer Building cleaning in Edmonton providing complete maintenance and deep cleaning in the hard to reach areas of the buildings as well. Our team is trained for building cleaning and maintenance and we are a one stop shop for all the cleaning needs of the Building, either it is exterior cleaning or interior cleaning.

Residential cleaning Edmonton

We have a dedicated team for the residential cleaning in Edmonton. Either you are looking for house cleaning or apartment cleaning in Edmonton. We have the dedicated team to meet your needs. For the house cleaning our team is capable of cleaning the house from inside and outside making it neat and tidy and giving fresh look to your house. We have portable cleaning equipment for the apartments as usually problem persists with heavy equipment and taking it thru the lift and stairs into the apartment. So we provide efficient apartment cleaning with those portable cleaning systems with ease giving your apartment a fresh and tidy look. So for any sort of residential cleaning in Edmonton contact Executive cleaning for all your needs.

Office and Commercial Cleaning

We’ve portable soundless equipment for office cleaning Edmonton. Our office and commercial cleaning services will leave your place with a healthy and tidy look and with our maintenance schedule we will maintain it that way through out. We are committed to create and maintain a clean comfortable work environment for you and your clients.

We have capabilities, staff, equipment and experience of dealing with big projects efficiently. So whatever your project is call for consultation and our expert will come to your premises to give you the estimate for your job. We have been offering services of commercial cleaning in Edmonton over extensive years and have successfully provided services in almost every sector of the industry. We specialize in giving services to the following sectors:

  • Offices and commercial buildings
  • Grocery and Department stores
  • Automotive dealership
  • Bank branches
  • Apartments and Condominium
  • Restaurants
  • Medical and forensic facilities

Maid Services:

We offer high-quality maid services in Edmonton. Some of Edmonton’s most elite and recognizable names have enjoyed the splendid and high-quality maid services of Executive cleaning. Our maids are trained to be neat and tidy and provide high-quality services at your residence. They are being given special training to meet your needs and provide services for what you pay and what you expect to have. Besides manners and keeping themselves presentable they are also taught effective ways of cleaning and maintaining the residence up to the standards you require and executive cleaning company’s maids are known for elite choice.

Janitorial Services:

We have professionally trained and equipped janitors to provide services in building maintenance. We provide janitorial services on weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis depending upon your requirements. We have long-term experienced staff that are well trained in the usage of equipment and provide janitorial services with high efficiency.

Executive cleaning is a one stop shop for all the services of construction cleaning Edmonton, Sherwood Park and surrounding areas. For an estimate please call (780) 919-3344 or send us an email at admin@executivecleaning.ca