Carpet & Tile Care

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Carpet Care

Whatever the size or location (34th floor apartment or 300 ft hall way) our truck mount or portable carpet cleaning system can do the job. Carpets are deep cleaned using powerful hot water extraction (steam cleaning) and environmental friendly products. We have both portable for hard to reach areas or truck mount for those big jobs.

Tile Care

Brighten up your lunch room, Lobby, Sales floor or Hallway by calling Executive Cleaning to do your stripping and waxing. We will also arrange regular scheduled floor maintenance (polish/burnishing) of your tile so you can reduce the frequency of a full strip and wax, therefore reducing your overall yearly expense.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile for the most part does not require stripping and waxing. Over time dirt buildup within textured (irregular ruts, peaks and groves) tiles and becomes difficult to remove by just mopping. The best office cleaning Edmontonoffice cleaning Edmonton, maid service Edmonton and house cleaning Edmonton uses a low speed scrubbing machine with a brush and/or pads to remove the hardened dirt thus restoring your tile to look clean and new.