Carpet and Tile Care Services

Carpet Cleaning and Care

Carpet is one of the most delicate parts of the cleaning services. Carpet requires extreme care and it shall be handled delicately due to its nature. Carpet life depends upon how you take care of it and how it is being cleaned and treated. Due to the nature of the carpets it can also become a cause of some bacterial or hidden infections which can cause to the habitants of the place. Treating a carpet yourself would never be recommended as it requires special detergents and a cleaning system meant for its requirements.

We clean carpets of all sizes with our truck mount. Carpets are deep cleaned with our powerful hot water extraction system and environment friendly products.

If you have carpet located in hard to reach areas as in apartments than we also have portable carpet cleaning system which can reach your apartment and thoroughly clean the carpet.

Executive cleaning have special team and equipment for carpet cleaning in Edmonton and Sherwood Park and provide all sorts of carpet cleaning and carpet care services. So whatever the job is contact us for an estimate.

Tile Care

Executive cleaning Edmonton provides residential cleaning Edmonton, tile cleaning and tile care services to residential and commercial clients in Edmonton and Sherwood Park area. You can brighten up your lunch room, lobby, sales floor or hallway. A bright tile floor gives a neat and refreshing look to the environment and if it is not maintained it loses its shine and give a dull impression.

We offer stripping and waxing services. This gives a shine to your tiles and makes them look like brand new. So if you haven’t cleaned up your tiles for a while and its losing its shine than have executive cleaning do the tile cleaning for you and rebuild its shine.

We also offer regular scheduled floor maintenance services providing polishing and brushing to the tiles on scheduled basis. This helps in sustaining the shine for long time and you do not have to do full strip or waxing, reducing your overall tile care cost and enhancing the life of tiles.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are different tiles in terms of composition and need separate treatment in order to sustain its crystal shine on the floor. Ceramic tile for the most part does not require stripping and waxing. Overtime dirt buildup within textured (irregular ruts, peaks and groves) tiles and becomes difficult to remove by just mopping. Executive cleaning uses a low speed scrubbing machine with a brush and/ or pads to remove the hardened dirt restoring your tile to look clean and new.

Executive cleaning offers all sorts of floor cleaning services Edmonton specializing in carpet cleaning, carpet care, tile care and ceramic care.