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Executive Cleaning Service (ECS) is a locally owned and operated cleaning company offering exceptional cleaning service for both commercial and residential clients in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, St. Albert and surrounding areas. Our success is a result of continued satisfied customers and for the simple fact we constantly provide a higher level of service than our competitors.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression and ECS will make sure the entrance and lobby as well as the office and workspace look spotless thus creating a good and lasting impression on staff as well as visitors.

Your employee’s job is to build and promote your business not to spend your quality time cleaning.  When you contract ECS, we will appoint an individual or a crew who is devoted to making your office or place of work look and smell good. READ MORE…


No time for family and friend? Tired after a long day or week at work? No time to help with homework? No time to exercise? Too embarrassed to invite friend over because your house is in disarray?  Regardless of your reason, it comes down to time. You are more busy today than you were yesterday.

Whether its 2 or 3 times a week, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, Executive Residential Cleaning will help you to gain back some of that precious time you wish you had. ECS will make available a well trained cleaning lady or ladies for all your residential cleaning needs. READ MORE..


Your carpet may be the dirties areas in your home! You walk on it, play on it, lay on it and  sometimes sleep on it,  but you don’t see all the dirt, deal cells and bacteria that lies within it.  Executive cleaning has some of the best carpet cleaning staff to help eliminate some of the unwanted guest that lies beneath your carpet.  Whether you are on the 50 floor penthouse, a 70 floor high-rise hallways or just a 2 bedroom apartment, we have the personnel and equipment to do the job. READ MORE..


Special events can be stressful to organize and you still have to clean up before your guest arrives and the dreaded after the event clean up. Eliminate one aspect of the stress by calling Executive Cleaning service. We will come before your event to make sure your place of entertainment is ready for your guest and will return after for the dreaded post event clean up.


You have a million things to thing about when building a house. ECS will work with you during and after to make sure the construction site is clean of debris and will make sure the house is 100% ready for the new home owner. READ MORE..


The furniture and boxes are packed and  gone and the house is empty and messy but you are now too tired and stress out from all the things that is still left to be done. READ MORE..

Gift certificate

Give the gift of Clean!  Executive Cleaning Service offers gift certificate for any reason or occasion. Birthday, mothers day, thank you, Christmas, thinking about you! Tough times! Ect..  regardless of the occasion we will help. .

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Hiring Now!

We are always looking for motivated people to come and join our team.

Executive Residential cleaning prides itself on providing the best and highest quality cleaning service in and around the Edmonton, Sherwood Park, fort Saskatchewan, ST. Albert, Nisku and surrounding area. Our expectations are high because we believe our client’s expectation should be met at all times. Employees must be reliable, dependable, trustworthy, punctual, detailed, well mannered as well as work well with others and by themselves.

Supervisors are encouraged to be extremely scrupulous when checking work completed by our staff and provide feedback whether positive or negative.  All new employees are expected to provide us with a recent police report.

Please check for more details on the employment page!

Executive cleaning realizes that good and loyal employees deserve to be rewarded with good benefits. All employees who have passed the trial period will be entitled to a well and deserving benefit package which covers 60-80% of all standard benefit packages. The range of coverage depends on employment status and the length of time you have been working with the company.

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